Soulful World style Blues. Rootsy blend of old school analog tones. Down Home Afrobeat Soul.
Modern Drummer Magazine our consciousness, our ancient roots deep and rich, pulling images and emotions from a primal place that compels us with its pure familiarity.
Drew Kampion - The Surfers Path
...performs with understated intensity and at his best creates a powerful mood. there's nothing didactic here, just strong, honest performances by a troubadour whose world is wide open.
Banning Eyre - AfroPop Worldwide

If Burtt's chops on the strings aren't impressive enough, he has a voice to match. Reminiscent of Warren Haynes, lead singer of Gov't Mule, Burtt's voice is raspy with a classic blues touch.     
Nick Brown - Action Figure

A work of astonishing depth, heart, and authenticity.    
Scott Hulett - Surfer's Journal

Burtt's pastiche of styles intrigues. The artist has nailed a vision. moody, seductive, Paul Simonesque, broodingly trippy.

Music Connection

Burtt stands at a crossroads; Appalachia and Africa       
Corey Harris 

One of my good friends and one of my favorite musicians and songwriters. His song (Lucky, Lucky) really resonated with me and I couldn't wait to record it."    
 Eric Lindell

 One of the masterpieces on Eric Lindell's "Between Motion and Rest" is a cover of Blues great Magic Sam's "That's Why I'm Crying."  Peter Joseph Burtt actually sings lead vocals on this number.  Burtt taps into the torment of the lyrics for his vocal effort, and does an incredible job.  
Full-Time Blues Radio

For me, the highlight is “That’s Why I’m Crying,” a Magic Sam tune featuring the gritty pipes of guest vocalist Peter Joseph Burtt and some stellar trombone and slide guitar.  
Steve Daniels - Blues Revue