October 10  Made in Tahoe Festival, Squaw Valley, CA  2-3

August 15  Blues, Brews, and Funk Squaw Valley, CA  4-5:30

August 30 2020  KTKE Truckee will stream our 2018 Concert on the Commons from 4-5

June 26  Music on the Beach, Kings Beach

May 28  Crystal Bay Club Red Room

May 23  Made in Tahoe Festival,  Squaw Valley USA

January 3  Crystal Bay Club Red Room  CD Release Party

October 11-12  Moody's Jazz, Truckee  with Chris Berry


September 19  Alibi Incline  Dr John Tribute

August 23 Moe's BBQ Tahoe City Opening for and appearing with Eric Lindell and Anson Funderburgh

 August 22  the Mint Los Angelos Opening for and appearing with Eric Lindell and Anson Funderburgh

August 20  Gray's Crossing Truckee, CA 


 August 17  Dr. John Tribute with Todd Holway, Steve Kershiznick, Mike Schermer, John Jewett, Kandy Xander and Kevin Drake at the new Alibi Ale Works-Incline Public House  9-12

July 29  Guitarfish 1:00 PM  Cisco Grove

May 25 Made in Tahoe Festival 5:00 in the Village at Squaw Valley Special Guests Kai and the Monsters

April 27  Alpine Meadows Deck  2-4

March 24 Crystal Bay Club  Red Room   Galactic

After Party

January 4  Crystal Bay Club Red Room

December 29  Alibi AleWorks, Truckee CA  Solo opener for Dead Winter Carpenters 

October 18 Bottom of the Hill SF, CA Solo Opener for Eric Lindell


October 13 Moe's Alley Santa Cruz, CA  Solo Opener for Eric Lindell

August 15  River Ranch

July 29  Guitarfish Festival, Cisco Grove, CA 1-2:30  PM

July 8    Concert on the Commons in Tahoe City with Sam Ravenna Band and Kai and the Monsters (Hazen Charles Burtt on Vox!!)

July 1  Concert on the Commons in Tahoe City  Special Guest of                                                                                 Guitarfish Family Band

June 26  Gray's Crossing 6:00

June 23  Mammoth Mountain in the Village  Trio Set and guest of

                                                                    Dead Winter Carpenters

June  22              Mammoth Mountain in the Village

June 2  Moe's Alley Santa CruzCA  Solo Opener for Eric Lindell

June 1 Kuumbwa Jazz center Santa Cruz, CA Opener of Eric Lindell

May 31  Sweetwater Mill Valley, CA  Solo Opener for Eric Lindell

May 27  Crystal Bay Club Red Room after party following Trevor Hall

May 26  Made in Tahoe Festival Squaw Valley USA  5-7

May 20  Joshua Tree Festival from 10-11:30

December 1  11:00 pm Crystal Bay Club     Red Room Tahoe Film Fest

September 20  Crazy Horse Saloon with Sam Chace

August 20 Moe's BBQ with Jesse and Jennie Dunn

July 28  Guitarfish Festival

May 6  guest appearance with Eric Lindell and the Grand Nationals Rock and Bowl
New Orleans, LA

May 5  guest appearance with Eric Lindell and Friends Rock and Bowl
New Orleans, LA

May 4 guest appearance with Eric Lindell and Friends,  Blues Tent New Orleans Heritage and Jazz Festival

May 2   opener with Zeb Early and Sam Ravenna for Dragonsmoke and DJ Logic One Eyed Jack's
New Orleans,  LA

May 1  guest appearance with Eric Lindell and Friends Crawfish Fest at Crescent City BBQ  New Orleans, LA

April 23  Alpine Meadows Deck   Afternoon  1:30-4:30

March 18   Forestville Club   Forestville, CA

March 10 2017  Squaw Valley Plaza Bar  4:30-6:30  Duo with Sam Ravenna

March 3 and 4 guest appearance with Eric Lindell and Friends  Forestville Club  
Forestville, CA

February 4, Opener for Dead Winter Carpenters, Crystal Bay Club, Stateline, NV

December 10, Benefit for High Fives,  Crystal Bay Club, Stateline, NV

December 3 Benefit for Standing Rock ,  Kings Beach Conference Center

December 1  Hopmonk Sebstopol, CA Opener for Dragonsmoke

September 10  Trails and Vistas, Sand Harbor NV   PJB and the KT 3

July 31 Guitarfish Festival  Cisco Grove, CA

July 15 Moe's Original BBQ in Tahoe City, CA

July 13  
Great America Music Hall, San Francisco,  with Zeb Early as opener for Eric Lindell

July 9  Private Event 

June 28  Gray's Crossing, Truckee, CA  5:30

May 30 Made in Tahoe Festival,  Squaw Valley  1:00

April 30 Crystal Bay Club @ Midnight following Mama's Cookin'

February 26  Ashkenaz in Berkeley with AfroFunk Experience

January 15  Olympic Valley Lodge with Joy and Madness


September 12 Trails and Vistas, Sand Harbor, Nevada

August 16  Moe's BBQ Tahoe City, CA  7:00

August 9  Private Event

August 8  Private Event

August 7   Crystal Bay Club after party following B Side Players

August 2  Guitarfish Festival 3:00

June 26  Private Event

June 20  Rock the Ridgeline at Tahoe Vista Regional Park

June 19  Moe's BBQ Tahoe City  duo w/Zeb Early opener for
Eric Lindell

June 11  Private Event

May 23  Made in Tahoe Festival, Squaw Valley  5:0

May 22   Carson Valley Brewery Arts Center   7:00

May 2        Crystal Bay Club Red Room  10:00

March 19   Duo with Sam Ravenna at Tahoe Mountain Brewery                       Tasting Room  Truckee   5-8

March 7     KT deck at Squaw Valley USA  1:00

March 6      Moe's BBQ  Tahoe City  9:00

January 10 Crystal Bay Club Red Room, Stateline 10:00

December 11  HopMonk Sebastopol DragonSmoke opener

September 6  Crystal Bay Club Red Room, Stateline  10:00

August 23  Bickford Ranch, Sierraville,  Private Event

August 17 Wine on the Water, the Hyatt, Incline Village NV

August 3  Guitarfish Festival, Cisco Grove,CA  12:30 AM

July 15  Gray's Crossing, Truckee, CA  5:30-7:30

July 12 Homewood Resort, Homewood, CA 4-6

July 3  Truckee Thursday, Truckee, CA  6:00

June 29  PJB and the KT Tahoe City Commons 3:00

June 26  Live at Lakeview, Eldorado Beach, South Lake Tahoe

April 26  PJB and the KT at Alpine Meadows on the Deck 1-4

March  22  PJB and the KT at Crystal Bay Club Red Room  free show

February 22  PJB and the KT with Mama's Cookin" Crystal Bay Crown Room
free show

January 17  PJB and the KT Trio open for The CA Honeydrops @ Teps
                    South Lake Tahoe 9:30-10:45  

December 20  PJB and the KT Crystal Bay Club Red Room  10:00
                       2 sets

December 7  PJB and Zeb Early open for DragonSmoke @ Hopmonk
                     Sebastopol, CA

November 30  PJB appears as special guest of Jellybread @Crystal Bay Club
                       Crown Room

November 8  PJB and the KT @ Lakeside Pizza, Tahoe City CA 
                      Benefit for Tahoe Family Resource Center w/special guest Jesse                           Steele

October 25  PJB and the KingTide play Hang Town Ball  1:30-2:15

September 10  PJB and the KingTide play Gray's Crossing  5:30-7:30

September 6  PJB and the KingTide, Crystal Bay Club with Mama's Cookin

September 1    PJB and the KingTide play Locals Last Waltz  Tahoe City                                       Commons

August 22        PJB and the KingTide Rock the Boat, Zephyr Cove  12-3 AM

August 18 Peter Joseph Burtt Trio at Wine on the Water 1:00 the Hyatt, Incline '
                  Village, Nevada

August 16       Private Event

July  28            PJB and the King Tide play Guitarfish Festival  12:30-2

July  5              PJB and the KingTide play  Kings Beach Concerts  on the Beach  5 

July 4               PJB and the KingTide play Made in Tahoe Festival  Village at Squaw           Valley 2:30

July  3            PJB and the KingTide play the Truckee Amphitheater

June 21          PJB and the KingTide play the Bounce Festival  9

June 13          PJB and the KingTide play Truckee Thursdays 6-9

June 7            PJB and the KingTide play Crazy Horse, Nevada City

April 13           PJB and the KingTide play Alpine Meadows Deck  1-4

April 5             PJB and the KingTide play Crystal Bay Club Red Room 10:00

March 16         PJB and the KingTide play the Crazy Horse, Nevada City

February 2      PJB and the KingTide play Mama's Cookin' after party at Crystal Bay           Club   11:30-2

February 1      PJB and Todd Holway play West Shore Cafe 7-10

December 29  PJB Trio plays Squaw Valley Plaza Bar 1:30-4:30

December 22  PJB Trio plays Alpine Meadows1-4

October 19  the KingTide opens for Zach Deputy at Crystal Bay Club

October 14 PJB solo, private event

September 29  with Eric Lindell, ToddHolway, Mike Adamo at the Grid, Kings Beach

September 20  PJB solo at the Hyatt, Incline Village,NV  private event

September 14  the KingTide play Guitarfish Festival,  Cisco Grove, CA

September 2  the KingTide play the Locals' Last Waltz, Kings Beach, CA

August 19  Wine on the Water,  the Hyatt,  Incline Village, Nevada 2pm

July 16   The Hyatt  w/Jeff Jones Trio

July 15   The Hyatt  Solo at the Pool from 5-9

July 13   Kings Beach outdoor series with the KingTide

July 1st   Solo set Tahoe City Commons opening for He's My Brother, She's My Sister

June 17  the KingTide play Riverfest, Reno, NV  12-2

May  12  Alpine Meadows Deck  12:45-4  Peultimate Day of the Ski Season
               Zeb returns from Jazzfest NO

April 29   Alpine Meadows deck 1-4.  the KingTide with special guest Jesse Steele

April 20  Solo set at The Alley, Sparks, Nevada   8:00

March 7 the KingTide at The Blue Agave Tahoe City, CA

February 17 the Kingtide at the Grid, Kings Beach, CA

February 8   the KingTide at Blue Agave, Tahoe City, CA  9-11

January 27   the Kingtide at Crystal Bay Club, opening for Mama's Cookin'

January 21   the Kingtide Trio at the Rocker,  Squaw Valley USA

December 31    the KingTide play the lodge at Alpine Meadows from 2-5 

December 29    the KingTide play the after party following Jackie Green @the Crystal Bay Club

December 11  The Forestville Club, Forestville, CA.  the KingTide backing Eric Lindell and Adam Theiss

December 10   Hop Monk Brewery  Sebastopol Ca.
The KingTide opening for Dragon Smoke 
Robert Mercurio - Stanton Moore - Ivan Neville - Eric Lindell

November 26  the KingTide playing the Local's last Waltz @Crystal Bay Club
the Crown Room

November 8 the KingTide opening for Toubab Krewe @Crystal Bay Club 
in the Crown Room

Ocober 8   Private Event

September 23  Guitarfish Festival with the KingTide 12:30-2

September 17  Private Event

September 10  Lake Tahoe Expo at Sand Harbor
Peter Joseph Burtt and the King Tide

August 19 and 20
Forestville Club opening for Eric Lindell Trio
Peter Joseph Burtt and the King Tide

August 8   Private Event

Friday February 11
Crystal Bay Red Room Afterparty following Mama's Cookin'
Peter Joseph Burtt and the King Tide

Crystal Bay Club Crown Room with Mama's Cookin'
Friday August 13
Kings Beach,Tahoe Nalu Paddleboard Race
Saturday August 21